The Spring Sessions – Robin Zeller

The Spring Sessions – Robin Zeller

The Spring Sessions – Robin Zeller 2 music videos live – 2018 Singer-songwriter Robin Zeller released a new EP in 2018, including these two inspired tracks. Weird City, Special Town is an invitation to stroll the streets, while Cupola is directly addressed to...
Live – King Child

Live – King Child

King Child Music video – 2016 The Franco-Belgian band King Child was invited to the Théâtre du Fil for an artistic residency. The opportunity for B8 to immortalize the quintet during a recording of four colorful songs, through the inspired eyes of director Robin...

 Pour mieux vous servir, nous avons restructuré en 3 entités :
To provide you with better service, we splitted in 3 companies:

Notre agence de communication audiovisuelle pour les projets clients
Our audiovisual communication agency for client projects
Notre société de production de films et documentaires pour le cinéma et la TV
Our film and documentary production company for cinema and TV
Notre espace de coworking audiovisuel au coeur de Lyon
Our audiovisual coworking space in the heart of Lyon

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