Concession inauguration lyon 7 – citroën

Event Report 2015

To inaugurate its new branch on rue de Marseille in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon, Citroën had seen things in grand style. A prestigious event that the group wanted to keep track of to communicate with its customers afterwards.

The famous car brand wanted a quality video to present this ambitious inauguration. Agence B8 met the challenge by taking particular care with the colors and lighting, by focusing the editing on the human element and by highlighting the event’s services.





 Pour mieux vous servir, nous avons restructuré en 3 entités :
To provide you with better service, we splitted in 3 companies:

Notre agence de communication audiovisuelle pour les projets clients
Our audiovisual communication agency for client projects
Notre société de production de films et documentaires pour le cinéma et la TV
Our film and documentary production company for cinema and TV
Notre espace de coworking audiovisuel au coeur de Lyon
Our audiovisual coworking space in the heart of Lyon

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